PreLease SBC builds a mutual partnership between landlords and their tenants. We offer renter support services, tenant placement, and Rental Health Assurance™ to landlords where we assist their tenants BEFORE a rental emergency. Renters can join our renter pool to match with responsive landlords 

Tenant-Friendly Management

With our app, renters can assess their rental health (with free consultation), and use our housing search tools to find their desired housing. “Assured” tenants get regular check-ins, and have access to our management tools.

Rental Health Check™

Tenant Pool: Looking for a rental unit, or plan to upgrade?

The rental market is similar to the job market. It is competitive and landlords will scrutinize your rental resume. Our free, comprehensive survey, Rental Health Check™,  assess renter screening health, address renter current issues, and determine resource savings. It comes with a free consultation, and may lead to referrals from our housing partners! By working with PreLease, we want you to be informed, confident, and match you with responsive landlords.

Landlords: Evictions are expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally exhausting

With our Rental Health Assurance™, we regularly check-in with your tenants, collect tenant feedback, and provide them assistance during an emergency. Our service reduces hassle, increases payment stability, and builds friendlier relationships with your tenants.

✔️Collect tenant feedback and increase tenant engagement

✔️ Reduce rent burden by accessing government resources

✔️ Early Emergency Relief for your tenants

✔️ Tenant education

✔️ Send notifications to your tenants

Landlords can access our pre-assured tenant pool to fill vacant rental units with a quality responsive tenant that is supported for the duration of the lease. 

Rental Health Assurance

Get answers to your rental questions.

Have rental questions? Promote renter engagement events? Share a housing listing? Make friends?  Feel free to engage in Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Renters can access our discord server and initial consultation for Rental Health Check is free! To join our renter pool, we charge an initial fee of $5 and monthly fee $9. Once matched with a landlord, the service will transition to Rental Health Assurance.

For Rental Health Insurance, PreLease costs as little as $20/month per signed leaseholder. We offer monthly and annual subscriptions. Typically, the landlord will pay for this, though renter can pay in advance (i.e. pre-paid)

For tenant placement from our pool, landlords will be charged one month’s rent or $1000, whichever is lower.

  1. Once you set up your tenants and units, tenants can begin to access PreLease’s services for tenants. These services include tenant education opportunities, access to our Rental Health Check service, well as receive regular check-ins with us.
  2. In the app, tenants can receive automated monthly reminders for dates you set, like rent payments, as well as rental reminders for maintenance requests, updates, and more.

PreLease is not a social service or housing service agency. Any additional consultations will cost a fee. If a renter needs more extensive case management, they may be referred to an appropriate agency. For example, if a renter in Ramsey County is behind rent, then we will refer them to Neighborhood House. 

Assured renters get more regular support. If your matter is urgent, you can reach us via email at We offer quick response times with a real human to directly solve your problem. We also have sections on our website to help both landlords and tenants.

Create the best renting experience for you and your tenants.

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